FINOX Group, established in 2018, stands at the intersection of finance, technology, and innovation, with over three decades of foundational expertise. As a leader in the fintech landscape, we are dedicated to redefining financial services across the ASEAN region through pioneering platforms, products, and services.

Our commitment transcends mere market leadership; it is deeply rooted in embedding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into every facet of our operations. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we strive to promote economic growth, drive industry innovation, and champion responsible consumption and production.

Through our relentless pursuit of sustainable and ethical fintech solutions, FINOX Group aims to create lasting impact and prosperity for our communities, ensuring a future where financial technology empowers societal advancement and environmental stewardship.

Our Pillars of Success

FINOX Group of companies is highly passionate about innovation in Fintech, establishing new businesses, creating new operational models, and introducing solutions within the financial sector that can boost the local economy and create growth opportunities. We share a special passion for trade finance and supply chain combined with technology and innovation.

FINOX Group of companies upholds over 30 years of experience in the financial and technology sectors. We integrate the skills of high-performing teams and individual multi-disciplinary experience to include, bankers, trade products specialists, risk analysts, software engineers, legal advisors, data scientists, business analysts, and market strategists, and industry-centric specialists.

FINOX Group of companies comprises of leaders who have high-profile experience in both local and international operations. They have progressed their careers from the challenges and successes of the banking, technology, as well as the fast-growing Fintech sector. Our teams constantly dedicate themselves to upholding the local economies by supplementing companies with new business models, creating jobs opportunities, and delivering sustainable growth.

FINOX Group of companies have showcased its capability of building, launching, and operating several Fintech platforms to supplement both the Indonesian economy and the Southeast Asian markets, to include auction financial, B2B product trading marketplaces for MSMEs, international supply chain management, online invoice and cash management. fintech aggregator and investment diversification, supply chain financing, as well as fintech-as-a-service platform ecosystems.